Power supply module for GEKO IRH infrared LED illuminator
1 About this manual
Before installing and using this unit, please read this
manual carefully. Be sure to keep it handy for later
1.1 Typographical conventions
High level hazard.
Risk of electric shock. Disconnect the
power supply before proceeding with any
operation, unless indicated otherwise.
Medium level hazard.
This operation is very important for the
system to function properly. Please read
the procedure described very carefully and
carry it out as instructed.
Description of system specications.
We recommend reading this part carefully
in order to understand the subsequent
2 Notes on copyright and
information on trademarks
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3 Safety rules
The manufacturer declines all responsibility
for any damage caused by an improper use
of the appliances mentioned in this manual.
Furthermore, the manufacturer reserves
the right to modify its contents without any
prior notice. The documentation contained
in this manual has been collected with great
care, the manufacturer, however, cannot
take any liability for its use. The same thing
can be said for any person or company
involved in the creation and production of
this manual.
• The device must be installed only and exclusively
by qualied technical personnel.
• Before any technical work on the appliance,
disconnect the power supply.
• Do not use power supply cables that seem worn
or old.
• Never, under any circumstances, make any
changes or connections that are not shown in
this handbook: improper use of the appliance
can cause serious hazards, risking the safety of
personnel and of the installation.
• Use only original spare parts. Non-original spare
parts could cause re, electrical discharge or other
• Before proceeding with installation check the
supplied material to make sure it corresponds
to the order specication by examining the
identication labels (4.2 Product markings, page 2).