EN - English - Instructions manual
• This device was designed to be permanently
installed on a building or on a suitable structure.
• When installing the device, comply with all the
national standards.
• The electrical system to which the unit is
connected must be equipped with a bipolar circuit
breaker. The minimum distance between the
contacts must be 3mm (0.1in). The circuit breaker
must be provided with protection against the fault
current towards the ground (dierential) and the
overcurrent (magnetothermal, maximum 20A).
• Before starting any operation, make sure the
power supply is disconnected.
• Installation category (also called Overvoltage
Category) species the level of mains voltage
surges that the equipment will be subjected to.
The category depends upon the location of the
equipment, and on any external surge protection
provided. Equipment in an industrial environment,
directly connected to major feeders/short branch
circuits, is subjected to Installation Category III. If
this is the case, a reduction to Installation Category
II is required. This can be achieved by use of an
isolating transformer with an earthed screen
between primary and secondary, or by tting
listed Surge Protective Devices (SPDs) from live
to neutral and from neutral to earth. Listed SPDs
shall be designed for repeated limiting of transient
voltage surges, suitable rated for operating voltage
and designated as follows: Type 2 (Permanently
connected SPDs intended for installation on the
load side of the service equipment overcurrent
device); Nominal Discharge Current (In) 20kA min.
STT2BL240SPG-CN rated 120/240Vac, (In=20kA).
Maximum distance between installation and
reduction is 5m.
4 Identification
4.1 Product description and type
Power supply module for GEKO IRH infrared LED
4.2 Product markings
See the label attached to the outside of the package.
5 Preparing the product for
Any change that is not expressly approved
by the manufacturer will invalidate the
5.1 Unpacking and contents
5.1.1 Unpacking
When the product is delivered, make sure that the
package is intact and that there are no signs that it
has been dropped or scratched.
If there are obvious signs of damage, contact the
supplier immediately.
Keep the packaging in case you need to send the
product for repairs.
5.1.2 Contents
Check the contents to make sure they correspond
with the list of materials as below:
• Power supply
• Instructions manual
5.2 Safely disposing of packaging
The packaging material can all be recycled. The
installer technician will be responsible for separating
the material for disposal, and in any case for
compliance with the legislation in force where the
device is to be used.
When returning a faulty product we recommend
using the original packaging for shipping.