Electrical specification EIA RS-485 / EN 50 170
Data rate 9 600 bit/s, 19.2, 93.75, 187.5, 500 kbit/s, 1.5, 3, 6 and 12 Mbit/s
Data format 8 data bits, even parity, 1 stop bit, 11 bits total
Protocol PROFIBUS DP / EN 50170
Data Rate detection Yes, compliant with EN 50 170
Retiming Yes
Turn around time In accordance with EN 50 170
Transmission range 1200 m, depending on data rate and cable type (EIA RS-485)
Settings None, external termination and failsafe biasing
Protection Installation Fault Tolerant (up to ±60 V)
Isolation to Power and Status port
Connection 9-pin D-sub female
Shielded cable Not required
Conductive housing Isolated to all other circuits and housings
Optical Power Budget
The allowed link length is calculated from the optical power budget (OPB), the available optical
power for a fibre-optic link, and the attenuation of the fibre, comprising losses due to in-line
connectors, splices, optical switches and a margin for link ageing (typical 1.5 dB for 1300 nm).
The worst-case optical power budget (OPB) in dB for a fibre-optic link is determined by the differ-
ence between the transmitter’s output optical power (min) and the receiver input sensitivity (max).
FX (Fibre) SM-LC80 SM-LC40 SM-LC20 MM-LC2
Fibre connector LC duplex LC duplex LC duplex LC duplex
Fibre type Singlemode
9/125 mm
9/125 mm
9/125 mm
62.5/125 mm
Wavelength 1550 nm 1310 nm 1310 nm 1310 nm
Output optical power min/max
–5/0 dBm –5/0 dBm –15/–8 dBm –20/–14
Input sensitivity, max
–35 dBm –35 dBm –34 dBm –31 dBm
Input optical power, max
0 dBm 0 dBm 0 dBm –8 dBm
Optical power budget,
30 dB 30 dB 19 dB 11 dB
Transceiver type Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP)
Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA) compliant
Laser class Class 1, IEC 825-1 Accessible Emission Limit (AEL)