Instruction Manual

Turn off electrical power at breaker!
1. Pull wire into electrical box and clamp using the connector provided (figure 1).
2. Mount electrical box to joist using the wood screws provided (figure 4).
NOTE: Mount heavy fixture and ceiling fans with the 10-24 x
4" bolts into the threaded inserts (figure 2). Mount lightweight
fixtures and cover plates with the 8-32 screws in the electrical box ears (figure 3).
3. Mount fan bracket to the electrical box using the two 10-24 x
4” bolts provided and connect wires according to fan or fixture
manufacturer’s instructions (figure 5).
Ceiling Fan and Fixture Support
MODELS 01030, 01030-11,
01036, 01036-11,
The Saf-T-Box
and Saf-T-Pan
are UL listed for fan support and exceed the requirements of the National
Electric Code for fans weighing up to 70 lbs. and lighting fixtures weighing up to 150 lbs.
figure 1
figure 2
figure 3
figure 4
figure 5
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