Specification Sheet

to protect bolts
and wires during painting
and sheetrock installation
©2011 Westinghouse Lighting Corporation / WLC / 0711 / 103900
Pack Information
Bulk Packed
24 Per Cut Case
Ideal for New Construction or Remodel Work
Mounting hardware
Fits all ceiling fans
For fixture support of 150 lbs. or less
Acceptable for fan support of 70 lbs. or less
Heavy duty, 6 cubic inch dual mount electrical box
Box depth - ½"
5 Romex or conduit knockouts
Includes 1 Romex connector
Specification Sheet
Item Number 0103611
10-24 threads
for heavier fixtures
and ceiling fans
8-32 threads
for cover plates
and lightweight
lighting fixtures
Call 1-800-999-2226 or visit www.westinghouselighting.com
Westinghouse Lighting Corporation, Philadelphia, PA 19154-1029, U.S.A. Westinghouse Lighting Corporation, a Westinghouse Electric Corporation licensee
“Westinghouse” and “You can be sure...if it’s Westinghouse”are all registered trademarks of Westinghouse Electric Corporation
Includes Mounting Hardware and Instructions.
Meets or Exceeds UL Standards Regarding Exposed Threads Within Box.
Meets or Exceeds NEC
Safety Codes.
*Dual Mount = Box is threaded for 8-32 (ideal for box covers and lightweight fixtures) and
10-24 screws (ideal for heavier fixtures and ceiling fans).
Romex® is a registered trademark of Southwire Company.
Romex Connector

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