Installation Instructions

Install Damper Assembly
(for wall venting only)
1. Check that damper blade moves freely and opens fully.
2. Position the damper assembly on the back of the microwave
oven so that the damper blade hinge is at the top, and the
damper blade opens away from the microwave oven.
3. Secure damper assembly with two #6 x 3/8" sheet metal
Install the Microwave Oven
IMPORTANT: The control side of the microwave oven is the
heavy side. Handle the microwave oven gently.
1. Remove the two packing spacers from the top of the vent
grille before using the microwave oven.
NOTE: Depending on your model, it may not have packing
spacers. If it does not have packing spaces, install your
microwave oven start from Step 2.
2. Place a washer on each 1/4-20 x 3"  at-head bolt and place
inside upper cabinet near the 3/8" (1 cm) holes.
3. Make sure the microwave oven door is closed and taped
4. Using two or more people, lift microwave oven and hang it
on support tabs at the bottom of mounting plate.
NOTE: To avoid damage to the microwave oven, do not grip or
use the door or door handle while the microwave oven is being
5. With front of microwave oven still tilted, thread power supply
cord through the power supply cord hole in the bottom of the
upper cabinet.
6. Rotate microwave oven up toward upper cabinet.
NOTE: If venting through the wall, make sure the damper
assembly  ts easily into the vent in the wall cutout.
7. Push microwave oven against mounting plate and hold in
NOTE: If microwave oven does not need to be adjusted, skip
steps 7 through 9.
8. If adjustment is required, rotate microwave oven downward.
Using two or more people, lift microwave oven off of
mounting plate, and set aside on a covered surface.
9. Loosen mounting plate screws. Adjust mounting plate and
retighten screws.
10. Repeat steps 3 through 6.
11. With the microwave oven centered, and with at least one
person holding it in place, insert bolts through upper cabinet
into microwave oven. Tighten bolts until there is no gap
between upper cabinet and microwave oven.
Some upper cabinets may require bolts longer or shorter
than 3" (7.6 cm). Longer or shorter bolts are available at
most hardware stores.
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install
microwave oven.
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
A. Mounting plate
B. Support tabs
A. Packing spacers (2)
A. Back of microwave oven
B. Damper assembly
C. Damper blade
D. #6 x 3/8" Sheet metal screws