Installation Instructions

Call your authorized dealer or service center. When you call, you
will need the microwave oven model number and serial number.
Both numbers can be found on the model and serial number
plate, which is located behind the microwave oven door on the
front frame of the microwave oven.
If you need additional assistance, call us at our toll-free number
or visit our website listed in the User Guide.
Replacement Parts
If any of the installation hardware needs to be replaced, call us at
our toll-free number listed in the User Guide.
Following is a list of available replacement parts. You will need
your model and serial numbers located on the front facing of the
microwave oven opening, behind the door.
Damper Assembly
Mounting Plate
Upper Cabinet Template
Mounting Screw Kit (includes parts A-G in “Parts
Supplied” in the “Tools and Parts” section)
Filler Panel Kits are available from your dealer to use when
installing this microwave oven in a 36" (91.4 cm) or
42"(106.7cm) wide opening. The  ller panels come in pairs.
Each panel is 3" (7.6 cm) wide.
Filler Panel Kits: 8171336 White
8171337 Black
8171338 Biscuit
8171339 Stainless Steel
99403 Almond
See your authorized dealer or service center for details.
A. Filler panels