Installation Instructions

Remove Mounting Plate
Depending on your model, the mounting plate may be in the
foam packaging, or it may be attached to the back of the
microwave oven.
NOTE: To avoid possible damage to the work surface, cover the
work surface.
1. Remove any remaining contents from the microwave oven
2. If the mounting plate is attached to the back of the
microwave oven, remove it and set it aside.
3. Tape the microwave oven door closed so that the door does
not swing open while the microwave oven is being handled.
NOTE: To avoid damage to the microwave oven, do not grip or
use the door or door handle while the microwave oven is being
Rotate Blower Motor
The microwave oven is set for recirculation installation. For wall
or roof venting, changes must be made to the venting system.
NOTE: Skip this section if you are using recirculation installation.
Keep the damper assembly in case the venting method is
changed, or the microwave oven is reinstalled in another location
where wall or roof venting may be used.
Wall Venting Installation Only
1. Remove screws attaching damper plate to back of
microwave oven, set the screws aside.
2. Turn and hold the damper plate vertically as shown.
3. Remove two blower screws attaching blower motor to the
microwave oven, and set aside.
4. Disconnect the blower motor wire from the connector.
5. Lift blower motor out of microwave oven, and set aside.
A. Damper plate
B. Screws
A. Damper plate
A. Blower screws (in recessed holes)
A. Blower motor wire
B. Connector
A. Blower Motor