Installation guide

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Quick Reference
TabJe ef Contents:
[_ Product dimensions
[_ Cutout dimensions
[_ Before you start
[_ Electrical requirements
[_ _ Mnstallation steps
Jf you need assistance:
Check your Use and Care Guide for a toll-free number to call or call
the dealer from whom you purchased tMs appliance. The dealer is
listed in the Yellow Pages of your phone directory under
"Appliances -- HousehoH -- Major -- Service and Repair."
Ca[[ when you:
[_ Have questions about built-in oven installation or operation.
[_ Need to obtain the name and number of an authorized service
When you call, you will need:
[_ The built-in oven mode[ number.
[_ The built-in oven serial number.
Both numbers are listed on the model/serial rating plate, located on
the oven door or on the oven frame.

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