Installation Instruction

Unscrew the removable conduit connector (A) and any
screws from a 3/4" (19 mm) UL listed strain relief (UL marking
on strain relief). Put the threaded section of the strain relief
(C) through the hole below the terminal block opening (B).
Reaching inside the terminal block opening, screw the
removable conduit connector (A) onto the strain relief threads.
1. Attach direct wire strain relief
Direct Wire Strain Relief
Put direct wire cable through the strain relief. The strain
relief should have a tight t with the dryer cabinet and be in
a horizontal position. Tighten strain relief screw against the
direct wire cable.
2. Attach direct wire cable
to strain relief
3-wire direct connection:
Go to “3-Wire Direct Connection”
on page 11.
4-wire direct connection:
Go to “4-Wire Direct Connection”
on this page.
If your wiring looks like this:
4-wire Direct Wire Connection
IMPORTANT: A 4-wire connection is required for mobile
homes and where local codes do not permit 3-wire connections.
Direct wire cable must have 5 ft. (1.52 m) of extra length so
dryer may be moved if needed.
Strip 5" (127 mm) of outer covering from end of cable,
leaving bare ground wire at 5" (127 mm). Cut 1
" (38 mm)
from remaining 3 wires. Strip insulation back 1" (25 mm).
Shape ends of wires into hooks.
(25 mm)
(127 mm)
1. Prepare your 4-wire cable for
direct connection
3. Connect neutral ground wire
and neutral wire
Connect neutral ground wire (E) and place
hooked end (hook facing right) of neutral
wire (white or center wire) (C) of direct wire
cable under center screw of terminal block
(B). Squeeze hooked ends together and
tighten screw.
2. Prepare to connect neutral
ground wire and neutral wire
Remove center terminal block screw (B). Remove neutral
ground wire (E) from external ground conductor screw (A).