Owner's Manual

Direct Wire Installation: Copper or Aluminum Wire
This range may be connected directly to the fuse disconnect or
circuit breaker box. Depending on your electrical supply, make the
required 3-wire or 4-wire connection.
1. Strip outer covering back 3" (7.6 cm) to expose wires. Strip
the insulation back 1" (2.5 cm) from the end of each wire.
2. Allow enough slack in the wire to easily attach the wiring
terminal block.
3. Complete electrical connection according to your type of
electrical supply.
4-wire (recommended)
3-wire (if 4-wire is not available)
Electrical Connection Options
If your home has:
And you will be
connecting to:
Go to Section:
3-wire direct
A circuit breaker
box or fused
3-Wire Connection:
Direct Wire
4-wire direct
A circuit breaker
box or fused
4-Wire Connection:
Direct Wire
4-Wire Connection: Direct Wire
Use this method for:
New branch-circuit installations (1996 NEC)
Mobile homes
Recreational vehicles
In an area where local codes prohibit grounding through the
1. Part of metal ground strap must be cut out and removed.
A. Metal ground strap
B. Discard
C. Ground-link screw
2. Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the ground-link screw
from the back of the range. Save the ground-link screw and
the end of the ground link under the screw.
3. Pull the wires through the strain relief on bottom of range.
Allow enough slack to easily attach wiring to the terminal
A. Terminal block
B. Ground-link screw
C. Cord/conduit plate
D. Bare (green)
ground wire
E. Line 2 (red) wire
F. Neutral (white) wire
G. Line 1 (black) wire
4. Attach terminal lugs to line 1 (black), neutral (white), and line 2
(red) wires. Loosen (do not remove) the setscrew on the front
of the terminal lug and insert exposed wire end through
bottom of terminal lugs. Securely tighten setscrew to torque as
shown in the following Bare Wire Torque Specifications chart.
A. Terminal lug
B. Setscrew
C. Line 2 (red) wire
D. Neutral (white) wire
E. Line 1 (black) wire
Bare Wire Torque Specifications
Attaching terminal lugs to the terminal block - 20 lbs-in. (2.3 N-
Wire Awg Torque
8 gauge copper 25 lbs-in. (2.8 N-m)
6 gauge aluminum 35 lbs-in. (4.0 N-m)
5. Use a hex or Phillips screwdriver to connect the bare (green)
ground wire to the range with the ground-link screw and
ground-link section. The ground wire must be attached first
and must not contact any other terminal.