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400, 800, 2300 and 2300BACD Series
Raceway, are
a family of low-profile raceways that are designed
for communication or power applications. 400, 800
and 2300 Raceway offer a single channel for either
communication or power. And when power and low
voltage services are both needed in a single raceway,
the divided 2300BACD Raceway with it’s low-profile
design, is an easy-to-install option.
400,800,2300 and 2300BACD Raceways are an
ideal solution for use in classrooms, offices, hospitality
applications, or anywhere a small, secure, low profile
raceway is needed.
400/800/2300 Series
Low Profile Design Combines Functionality With Aesthetics
Ideal for Low Voltage and Power Applications
n Accommodates communication and/or power wiring.
Can be used for communications, computer lines,
surveillance systems, fire alarms, outlets, and more.
n Available in three sizes. 400, 800, and 2300 sizes provide
flexibility for meeting a variety of capacity and space
requirements. Perfect for most small drops and horizontal
runs to work stations.
n Durable, textured PVC construction. Available in ivory or
white finish to blend with any decor. Also paintable using
latex paint. Consult factory for custom color options.
n Single- and dual-compartment low profile design.
Provides functionality and flexibility with aesthetics for
single- or dual-service applications.
n Adhesive backing for low voltage (under 50V)
applications. Allows base to be pressed onto mounting
surface. Speeds installation.
n Lightweight and easy to handle. Saves time and labor
costs. Standard 5' (1.525m) raceway lengths can be easily
installed by one person. Custom lengths up to 10' (3.05m)
are also available.
n Divided FiberReady
fittings. For use with 2300BAC
and 2300BACD. Full capacity fittings provide 2" (51mm)
bend radius.
n Over-the-raceway box for 2300 and 2300D. Boxes
mount over continuous run of raceway base eliminating
the need to cut raceway when locating devices.
n Sure-Snap
boxes for 2300BACD. Provides flush look
and ease of installation.
n Snap-on cover. Provides security with access to wiring
for changes or additions.
n Datacom connectivity options. Accepts industry standard
and proprietary devices from a wide range of manufacturers
to provide a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interface
for voice, data, audio, and video applications at the point
of use.
cULus Listed. File E90378 Raceway, E90377 Fittings.
2300D Series Raceway in a
typical office application.
ED296R18 – Updated January 2016 – For latest specs visit
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This declaration conforms with ISO 14025 and
14040 and is in alignment with EN 15804.

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