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ALA4800 Series Isoduct
Aluminum Raceway
meets the demands of commercial spaces,
providing a handsome and effective method of
consolidating power and communications
cabling. In laboratories, healthcare facilities and
upscale office locations, the two-channel, dual-
cover aluminum raceway directs power and
communication cabling services where required
and provides access to one channel at a time.
Aluminum Raceway
Architectural Twin Cover Raceway
Available Factory Prewired.
ED799R11 – Updated January 2016 – For latest specs visit
n Two-Channel, Dual-Cover, 2 1/4" (57mm) deep
aluminum raceway. Accommodates high density
communication cabling for networks and phone systems.
n Snap fit cover. Provides maximum flexibility for adding
or relocating circuits, data openings or electrical devices.
Side removal slots limit visibility of any accidental marring
during cover removal. Shares cover plates with ALA3800
Series Raceway.
n Durable, architectural clear anodized finish. Wipes
clean and resists corrosion. Custom colors available
upon request. Consult factory for more information.
n Accommodates standard electrical wiring devices.
Accommodates most installations including single outlets,
duplex outlets, NEMA-Locking outlets, GFCI outlets, and
Pass & Seymour surge protected outlets.
n Electrical device identification with self-adhesive
polyester labels or optional engraving. No guesswork or
time consuming tracing of circuits. Speeds circuit additions
and renovations. (See Device and Raceway labeling Options)
n Mitered standard fittings. Provides a complete installation.
n Increased productivity for the contractor. Jobs can be
packaged by area, floor, or building and shipped per job
site requirements.
n Datacom connectivity options. Accepts industry
standard and proprietary devices from a wide range of
manufacturers to provide a seamless and aesthetically
pleasing interface for voice, data, audio, and video
applications at the point of use.
n UL5 and ADA Compliant. Raceway and fittings meet
UL5 specifications and can be installed in conformance
with ADA requirements.
n UL Listed commercial outlet centers. File E317375
Multioutlet assemblies rated to 20A maximum can be
provided with listed cord and plug assemblies. These
assemblies are optimal for mounting to semi-permanent
structures such as shelving and rack displays found in
many lab applications.
n UL and cUL Listed component raceways. File E4376
Guide RJBT, Fittings: File E41751 Guide RJPR. Meets
Article 386 of NEC and meets Section 12-600 of CEC.
n UL and cUL Listed multioutlet assemblies. File E15191
Guide PVGT, Fittings: File E41751 Guide RJPR. Meets
Article 380 of NEC and meets Section 12-3032 of CEC.
Prewired Raceway is
prewired and packed
to the job specifications
at the factory before
shipping to the jobsite.
An ALA4800 Series Raceway installation in a laboratory is both functional
and aesthetically pleasing.
Download this product’s PEP ecopasport
environmental product declaration at
This declaration conforms with ISO 14025 and
14040 and is in alignment with EN 15804.

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