Installation Manual

ALA4800B Base
(ALA4810B2 shown)
1/2" [12.7mm] or
3/4" [19.1mm] Conduit
End-feeding: ALA4810B2 Series End Fittings
have concentric 1/2" [12.7mm] and 3/4"
[19.1mm] trade size KOs in end. Provide
electrical feed through KOs. Insert fitting into
end of raceway base. Secure in place by
tightening two screws.
1 - Provide electrical feed through 1/2" [12.7mm] or 3/4"
[19.1mm] KOs in ALA4810B2 End Cap.
2 - Attach base section to mounting surface by drilling
9/32" [7.14mm] holes in the base then fastening with
#8 flat head screws.
3 - Secure conductors in place with ALAWC Wire Clip.
4 - Join additional raceway sections with two ALA01 Couplings.
5 - Close ends with ALA4810B2 End Caps.
6 - Snap ALAC-5 Cover into ALA4800B-10 Base to
complete installation.
To attach ALA4800B-10 Series Base sections to mounting
surface; drill 9/32" [7.14mm] holes in the base (approx.
18" [457mm] O.C.). Fasten Base with #8 flat head screws.
At end of ALA4800B-10 Raceway
run: slide ALA4810B Blank End
Fitting in last base section. Secure in
place by tightening two screws.
Base Sections
At ALA4800B-10 Base section butt joints: slide two ALA01
Couplings into first base section. Mount next base to surface.
Center couplings on joint. Tighten locking screws.
Position ALA09 Ground Clamp
into ribs in ALA4800B-10 Base.
Fasten mounting screw. Attach
ground wire using brass cup
washer & green hex nut to
ground lug.
At 90° turn on same surface, position ALA4811 Flat Elbow at end of
ALA4800B Base. Position next base section onto other end of ALA4811.
Center couplings over base joints and tighten screws. Install ALA4811 Covers
and ALA4800 Series Covers as shown after wiring.
For connecting a vertical run of
ALA4800B with a horizontal overhead
run with its cover facing up. Assemble
ALA4817N to raceway bases with
ALA01 Couplings included.
Install one side of ALA417A Internal Coupling,
BEFORE mounting raceway base. Fasten first base sec-
tion to wall, then slide adjoining base onto coupling
legs. Tighten all four coupling screws.
Install ALA4817 to first raceway base, BEFORE mount-
ing raceway base. Fasten base section to surface. Butt
next section of base. Center couplings over base joints,
tighten set screws.
ALA4811 With Cover
ALA17A Internal Corner Coupling
ALA4817 Internal Elbow
Options for 90° Internal Corners:
System Layout