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MicroBlaze Processor Reference Guide 21
UG081 (v6.0) June 1, 2006 1-800-255-7778
General Purpose Registers
The thirty-two 32-bit General Purpose Registers are numbered R0 through R31. The
register file is reset on bit stream download (reset value is 0x00000000).
Note: The register file is not reset by the external reset inputs: reset and debug_rst.
Please refer to Table 3-2 for software conventions on general purpose register usage.
Special Purpose Registers
Program Counter (PC)
The ProgramCounter isthe 32-bit address of the execution instruction. It can be readwith
an MFS instruction,but itcan notbe written to using an MTS instruction. Whenused with
the MFS instruction the PC register is specified by setting Sa = 0x0000.
0 31
Figure 1-2: R0-R31
Table 1-7: General Purpose Registers (R0-R31)
Bits Name Description Reset Value
0:31 R0 R0isdefinedtoalwayshavethevalue
of zero. Anything written to R0 is
0:31 R1 through R13 R1 through R13 are 32-bit general
purpose registers
0:31 R14 32-bit used to store return addresses
for interrupts
0:31 R15 32-bit general purpose register -
0:31 R16 32-bit used to store return addresses
for breaks
0:31 R17
If MicroBlaze is configured to support
hardware exceptions, this register is
loaded with HW exception return
address (see also “Branch Target
Register (BTR)”); if not it is a general
purpose register
0:31 R18 through R31 R18 through R31 are 32-bit general
purpose registers.