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MicroBlaze Processor Reference Guide 71
UG081 (v6.0) June 1, 2006 1-800-255-7778
Chapter 4
MicroBlaze Instruction Set Architecture
This chapter provides a detailed guide to theInstruction Set Architecture of MicroBlaze™.
The symbols used throughout this document are defined in Table 4-1.
Table 4-1: Symbol notation
Symbol Meaning
+ Add
- Subtract
× Multiply
Bitwise logical AND
Bitwise logical OR
Bitwise logical XOR
x Bitwise logical complement of x
>> Right shift
<< Left shift
rx Register x
x[i] Bit i in register x
x[i:j] Bits i through j in register x
Equal comparison
Not equal comparison
Greater than comparison
Greater than or equal comparison
Less than comparison
Less than or equal comparison
sext(x) Sign-extend x