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8 MicroBlaze Processor Reference Guide
1-800-255-7778 UG081 (v6.0) June 1, 2006
Preface: About This Guide
This document uses the following conventions. An example illustrates each convention.
The following typographical conventions are used in this document:
Problem Solvers Interactive tools that allow you to troubleshoot your design issues
Tech Tips Latest news, design tips, and patch information for the Xilinx
design environment
GNU Manuals The entire set of GNU manuals
Resource Description/URL
Convention Meaning or Use Example
Courier font
Messages, prompts, and
program files that the system
speed grade: - 100
Courier bold
Literal commands that you
ngdbuild design_name
Helvetica bold
Commands that you select
from a menu
File Open
Keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C
Italic font
Variables in a syntax
statement forwhich youmust
supply values
ngdbuild design_name
References to other manuals
See the Development System
Reference Guide for more
Emphasis in text
If a wire is drawn so that it
overlaps the pin of a symbol,
the two netsare not connected.
Square brackets [ ]
An optional entry or
parameter. However, in bus
specifications, such as
bus[7:0], they are required.
ngdbuild [option_name]
Braces { }
Alist of items fromwhichyou
must choose one or more
lowpwr ={on|off}
Vertical bar |
Separates items in a list of
lowpwr ={on|off}