User Manual

q VOL Control
Controls the volume. Turning the knob fully counterclockwise
sets the volume to zero.
* Always set the volume to its minimum level when connecting or
disconnecting the cable.
w BATT. (Battery Check) Indicator
This indicator will light when the battery needs to be replaced.
Please replace the battery as soon as possible when the BATT.
indicator lights.
* The battery check indicator may light momentarily when the
TUNER switch is pressed. This is not a sign however, that the
battery power is low.
e 3-Band Equalizer
The knob positions in the figure show the flat level setting. Turn
clockwise to boost, or counter clockwise to cut.
LOW: Boosts or cuts the level of the low frequencies.
MID: Boosts or cuts the level of the middle frequencies. The
AMF control r adjusts the center frequency of the band
affected by this control.
HIGH: Boosts or cuts the level of the high frequencies.
r AMF (Adjustable Mid Frequency) Control
Sets the center frequency of the band of frequencies affected by
the MID equalizer control. The range is from 80 Hz to 10 kHz.
t Tuner Display
Displays tuner information.
y TUNER Switch
Switches the tuner ON/OFF.
Using the Sound Hole Cover
If feedback occurs when playing at high volumes, the Sound Hole
Cover should be inserted into the sound hole. When inserted into
the sound hole, Sound Hole Cover effectively reduces feedback.