User Manual

As battery power becomes low, the battery check indicator will light.
Replace the batteries as soon as possible.
Press the release lever on the battery case in the
direction indi-
cated by the arrow
in the illustration in order to unlock it, and
then slide out the battery holder.
w Remove the old batteries from the battery holder, and insert the
two new size AA alkaline batteries. Make sure that the poles on
the batteries are properly positioned as shown in the diagram
inside of the holder.
e Slide the battery holder back into the battery case and press
firmly so that the battery holder locks in place.
q Press and hold the TUNER switch until the display lights
to switch the tuner power ON.
w Tune the guitar string until the note name of the desired pitch
appears in the display.
e The string is in tune when only the lamp lights in the center of
the display.
Press the TUNER switch again to switch the tuner power OFF. Also,
if the note name is not shown in the display for more than 1 minute,
the power will automatically switch OFF. ( display goes off)
* It may take a few seconds before the tuner can detect pitches after
being switched ON.
* The note name and displays may have difficulty keeping up
with irregular pitch changes. Gradually change the pitch and check
when tuning.
* The tuner may not be able to detect notes rich with overtones or with
very short sustain.
* Sound output is not muted when the tuner is being used.
Battery Holder
battery x2
Release Lever
Pitch is low  In Tune  Pitch is high