User Manual

Connecting Your UC 500
1. Remove UC 500, AC adapter, and USB cable from
2. Connect the appropriate plug clip to the AC adapter.
3. Connect one end of the USB cable to your computer,
and the other end to the connector
on the bottom of the UC 500.
4. Connect the AC adapter to the power connector labelled DC 15V on the bottom of the
UC 500 and the other end to a power source.
5. When booting up, the LEDs on the UC 500 will change between red, green, and amber
lights. When the UC 500 is ready to use, the LEDs will display solid green lights and the
device will emit a chime.
6. For call control functionality of supported applications on your computer, download and
install the FLX UC Device Manager from:
For full documentation, please visit:
1 FLX UC 500 Base Unit
1 USB Cable
AC Power Adapter
Plug Clip(s)