User Manual

FLX UC 500
USB Conference Phone for Enterprise
Softphones, Messenger, and Video Conferencing Applications
are supplementing or replacing conventional telephony
systems for Enterprise Communications.
Current audio solutions for the enterprise are primitive or
provide poor audio performance. Leveraging the built-in
laptop speaker and microphone causes users to have difficulty
hearing and being heard. Alternatively, solutions powered via
USB have limited audio output volume.
This is especially cumbersome and inconvenient for
conference rooms with multiple participants crowding around
a single computer or device.
The Revolabs FLXTM UC 500 provides the solution for
enterprise communications. Combining the best
technology for speakers, microphones, and audio processing,
the UC 500 improves all aspects of audio handling for your
communication needs. It provides “Best in Class” audio
performance, changing the price/performance paradigm in
this space.
The UC 500 is a full duplex system allowing for
audio playback and audio capture simultaneously. Users
communicate as if they were in the same room, allowing
for the natural flow of conversation and interruptions, and
the technology in the UC 500 ensures that every part of that
discussion is heard.
The UC 500 provides exceptional audio quality through the
tweeter and mid-woofer speaker elements. As a powered
system, the speakers’ output audio fill the conference room
with sound ensuring that the participant can be heard –
whether the system is in an executive office, huddle room, or
a conference room.
Four embedded microphones give the UC 500 full 360°
coverage of audio capture. The microphones feature wideband
frequency response, making the UC 500 the ideal solution for
any communication application. You can hear every word of
your softphone call, webinar, or audio conference call, and be
assured that the far end will hear you clearly as well.
The UC 500 provides integrated acoustic echo cancellation;
no additional processing is required by the computer to ensure
the best possible audio signal.
With years of experience building audio solutions for executive
conference rooms, Yamaha Unified Communications has
incorporated this technology into the design of the UC 500.
The UC 500 has been designed and rigorously tested in real
conference rooms to ensure every piece of the system – from
the mechanical design, to the electrical design, to the signal
processing, to the product firmware – is optimized for acoustic
performance. The UC 500 offers new possibilities to enhance
the experience of using unified communications solutions for
meetings and online collaboration.

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