User Manual

Known Issues
1. FLX UC 500 Windows Utility does not support muting the Skype
Application. The PC microphone and the FLX UC 500 microphones are
muted, but the Skype application will not show muted.
2. Call control (i.e. call hang-up and answer) not supported for Skype version
6.22 or higher for Windows and Mac platforms.
3. When using Vidyo Version 3.5.0 and end the call by touching the hang-up
cap touch button on the device, and the hang-up button is pressed more
than once, the application will display a blank window, and the application
will need to be closed before the application will start working again.
4. The FLX UC 500 uses hotkeys to issue commands to applications that do
not provide an API for call control. When using hotkeys, the softphone
window that is active will have the hotkey issued to it. This may cause the
user to have to press the accept call button multiple times or notice a delay
when attempting to answer an incoming call.