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Since 1924, Morisawa in Osaka, Japan, has been
rigorously committed to type. As one of the rst
type designers in the country, the company has
developed type that spans print, web, software and
mobile environments. Typography is an exacting art
but one that must adapt to the needs and changes
of the times. Because of that, Morisawa adheres to
a long process of development for every typeface
created. The time from inception to the golden
master of each complete character set can take
up to a full year. In that year, the type face goes
through several phases, starting rst with research,
planning, and many discussions.
To facilitate those discussions between employees located in branch ofces throughout Japan,
the U.S., Taiwan, and Korea as well as reduce business travel and accelerate the decision-making
process, the company implemented a web conferencing system. However, the existing integrated
camera and speakerphone device created audio that was difcult to hear and of poor quality. To
troubleshoot the issue, they had to make costly adjustments to the network settings. Despite that, the
company still couldn’t use it for all of their meetings.
Rather than keep spending money on a solution that didn’t fully function or meet their needs,
Morisawa transitioned to the Ofce 365 Skype for Business, a professional online meeting platform.
However, even with this transition, in web-based conferences, the PC audio input and output
remained a weak point for fully optimizing Skype for Business’ capabilities and feature set. In addition,
in the larger meeting rooms, where conferencing phones were being used, the phone’s input would
often become loose, creating disjointed audio or completely disconnecting the call. When this
happened, it would derail focus and cost valuable meeting time to reestablish the call.
Morisawa needed a unied communications (UC) solution that would optimize all of the Skype for
Business features, eliminate the input challenges and operation costs of their existing devices, and
deliver exceptional audio quality in every meeting. Having successfully deployed Yamaha’s PJP-20UR
Morisawa Inc.
Where Art and
Technology Meet
Yamahas Certified Skype for
Business conference phone and
unified communication solutions
meet the exacting standards for
Japan’s leading typographer.

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