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conference phones in some of the company’s meeting spaces before, the company trusted the
simplicity and high quality of the Yamaha brand and looked at the latest solutions from its UC family.
Morisawa selected three speakerphone models from the Yamaha UC portfolio that would best t
each meeting room. In the larger conference rooms, the new Yamaha YVC-1000MS USB and
speakerphone was installed. The YVC-1000MS is Yamaha’s rst product certied for
Skype for Business. It passed the rigorous Skype for Business’ Certication Version 3 tests —
Microsoft’s highest standards — providing natural, clear audio that denes the platform’s meeting
experience. The scalable and exible YVC-1000MS solution is engineered to easily support the
audio requirements of large meeting rooms, rooms with special table congurations within the
Skype for Business application. The YVC-1000MS features separate microphone and speaker
units that smoothly integrate audio for natural, comfortable remote communication. Yamaha’s
adaptive echo cancellation and other unique sound processing technologies facilitate a stress-free
conversation. The user-friendly design provides fast, intuitive connection to a call on a smartphone
by Bluetooth
and can bridge to a Skype for Business call via USB.
In addition to the YVC-1000MS, Morisawa installed ve FLX UC 500 USB conference phones in
the smaller conference rooms. As two devices in one, the FLX UC series is designed to satisfy
the critical requirement of high-quality audio for virtual meetings originating from ofces, huddle
rooms, and medium to large conference rooms. It features powerful, high-delity audio capabilities
that combine premium tweeter and midwoofer elements, four integrated microphones, and audio
technology such as acoustic echo cancellation, ultrawide frequency response, and full duplex
Finally, Morisawa selected four Yamaha YVC-300 USB and Bluetooth
conference phones
available for portable use. Designed for groups of four to six people and with portability in mind,
the YVC-300 is a perfect choice for organizations that want to offer high-quality group
communication solutions without the cost of dedicated equipment for every conference room or
open collaboration space. Users can simply borrow a device from an available supply, connect it
to their PC-based audio, video, and web conferencing client via USB connection and return it at
the end of the meeting. Bluetooth
-enabled, it also turns smartphones and tablets into conference
phones by acting as the microphone and speaker.
Immediately after introducing the YVC-1000MS, employees who used the conference room
responded with how clear the audio was in every meeting. The FLX UC 500 and YVC-300 devices
also impressed the teams. They were surprised such rich volume and clarity could be produced by
such compact units. With very little setup and ease of operation, the Yamaha UC solutions solved
all their issues and delivered the high-quality performance and reliability they were expecting of
Yamaha and within the Skype for Business platform. Users no longer have to trouble themselves
with inputs or waste critical time troubleshooting issues. Yamaha UC allowed them to attend to the
critical details of its craftsmanship with a new standard of meeting place excellence.
“High evaluation and trust for Yamaha products
and Yamaha brands from our employee lead
to great reliability for us to drive Skype for
Business communication.
Takeshi Yamashita
Manager of Information Systems Section
Morisawa Inc.
Akinori Minamitani
Information Systems Section
Morisawa Inc.
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