User Manual

Please read before using
Disobeying the points indicated with this mark
may lead to injury.
Owner’s Manual
The precautions given below concern the proper and safe use of the instrument, and are to
protect you and others from any damage or injuries. Please follow and obey these precautions.
If children are using the instrument, a guardian should clearly explain these precautions to the child and make sure they
are fully understood and obeyed. After reading this manual, please keep it in a safe place for future reference.
About the Icons
Do not throw or swing the instrument when others
are close by.
The headjoint or other parts may fall off hitting other
people. Always treat the instrument gently.
Regarding brass instruments with a plate nish, the color of the nish may change over time. However,
changes in the nish do not affect the instrument’s performance. Discoloration in its early stages can easily
be removed with proper maintenance. (As discoloration progresses, however, it may be difcult to remove.)
* Please use the accessories that are specified for use with the particular type of finish found on the instrument. Also, metal
polishes remove a thin layer of the finish’s top coat which will make the finish thinner. Please be aware of this before using
Keep small parts out of the reach of infants.
Your children may accidentally swallow them.
Keep the oil, polish, etc., out of children’s mouths.
Keep the oil, polish, etc., out of children’s reach and only
do maintenance when children are not present.
Cleaning rod
Polishing cloth
Owner’s Manual (this booklet)
To avoid the possibility of damage to the product, follow the notices below.
Take care not to disgure the instrument. Placing the instrument where it is unstable may cause the instru-
ment to fall or drop resulting in disgurement. Take care as to where and how you place the instrument.
* Be aware of climatic conditions such as temperature, humidity, etc. Keep the instrument away from
heat sources such as heaters, etc. Also, do not use or store the instrument in any extreme conditions of
temperature or humidity. Doing so may result in damage to key balance, linkage, or pads, resulting in
problems during performance.
* Ointments or creams containing sulfur (for acne, etc.) coming in contact with the metal on the instru
ment can cause discoloration (the metal turns black or brown) of the silver or silver plate. To prevent this,
make sur
e that both hands and face are clean before playing.
This icon indicates points which should carefully be
observed and followed.
This icon indicates actions that are prohibited.
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