User Manual

Maintenance required every two to three months
Be careful when using the key oil
e end of the oil spout is sharp and therefore can be a danger. Never touch the end of the spout
with your hand. Also, do not point the end of the spout toward your face. Oil can spray out of the
spout and possibly into your eyes.
Key oil
Apply some key oil to the key mechanisms.
* Do not apply too much key oil.
* Completely remove any oil that gets onto
the surface of the keys or instrument.
After applying oil, move the key several times
to spread the oil evenly.
Putting the instrument in its case
When closing the case, make sure there are no ob-
jects such as a gauze or cloth on top of the instru-
ment. Doing so may put unnecessary pressure on
the keys causing damage. Also, never leave a damp
cloth or gauze, etc., in the case.
First, wipe o moisture and dirt from the joints,
then place the headjoint into the case. Fit it into the
case snugly, without forcing.