User Manual

Before Playing the Instrument
Cautions regarding wooden instruments
Some flute and piccolo bodies are made of natural wood (Grenadilla) so sudden changes in
temperature or humidity may result in cracking of the body or difficulty when connecting
the body sections together. For this reason, take into careful consideration the place and manner in
which the instrument is used.
During winter, wait until the entire instrument has adjusted to room temperature before playing.
When the instrument is still new, do not play it for long periods of time. Play it for about 20 to 30
minutes a day for approximately 2 weeks.
Both during and after performance, remove moisture and dirt from the instrument whenever
Before assembling the instrument, please observe the following points.
When holding or assembling the instrument, do not apply any excessive force to the keys.
Wipe away any dirt or foreign matter from the joints before assembling.
If you experience diculty connecting the joints together, apply a thin coat of cork grease to the
cork and try again (this applies to piccolo and bass utes only).
Cautions regarding the joints
Before assembling the instrument, always wipe o any dust or grime from the joint sections of all parts.
Headjoint (Wipe to remove dust and grime from the outside of the headjoint and in-
side of the body.)
Footjoint (Wipe to remove dust and grime from the outside of the body and inside
of the footjoint.)