User Manual

Ointments or creams containing sulfur (for acne, etc.) coming in contact with the
metal on the instrument can cause discoloration (the metal turns black or brown)
of the silver or silver plate. To prevent this, make sure that both hands and face are
clean before playing.
Key cap
Using the ring key caps
For instruments with ring key caps, take care not
to loosen the caps. ese can be freely removed or
replaced to change the instrument’s tonal character
as you please.
When not holding the ute
Piccolo/Flute/Alto Flute
Place the instrument with the keys facing up
on a stable surface.
Bass Flute
Turn the thicker end of the hand rest so it is at
a 90° angle to the performer.
Rest the instrument with its hand rest and
footjoint placed on a stable surface.
* Please realize that the angle at which the he-
adjoint is positioned may make the instru-
ment unstable.
Hand rest