User Manual

By connecting your Android OS smart device such as a smartphone or tablet to a compatible Yamaha digital
instrument and using special apps, you can take advantage of various functions such as controlling the
instrument from the smart device, or displaying the score on the smart device — expanding the potential of
the instrument and make it an even more integral part of your total music life.
If you are using an iOS device, refer to the separate manual “Smart Device Connection Manual for iOS (iPhone/iPad Connection
Yamaha apps for keyboard instruments
Refer to the following web page for information on Yamaha apps for keyboard instruments.
OS and device compatibility varies from app to app. Be sure, therefore, to refer to the compatibility-related
information provided on each app’s page.
You can download the apps from the “Play Store,” accessible by clicking or tapping the “Google Play” icon
in each app’s page of the website above.
Certain apps do not need to be connected to an instrument. In such a case, there is no need to follow the
instructions provided in this manual.
To prevent the smart device from falling, note the following points:
Never place the smart device in an unstable position.
Before moving the instrument, make sure to remove the smart device from the instrument.
Never put anything else on the music rest together with the smart device, such as a song booklet or
another smart device. Doing so may make the music rest unstable and result in dropping the smart device.
Never slide the smart device along the music rest or submit it to strong shock, such as pushing or hitting it
when on the music rest.
After use, or when you separate from the instrument, make sure to remove the smart device from the music
To avoid noise caused by communication, note the following points:
When using your instrument along with a smart device, we recommend that you turn on Airplane Mode on
your device in order to avoid noise caused by communication. If you connect to the instrument by a Wi-Fi
network or Bluetooth at this time, we recommend that after turning on Airplane Mode, you also turn on Wi-Fi/
Smart Device Connection Manual
for Android™

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