User Manual

Acoustic Electric Guitar
System70 Owners Manual
Thank you for purchasing the Yamaha TransAcoustic
Guitar. The TransAcoustic
guitar is a unique and innovative instrument that enhances the
natural sound and dimension of a Yamaha acoustic guitar by utilizing its body and proprietary technology to offer musicians a new immersive acous-
tic playing experience. To obtain the best performance and potential from this instrument, we encourage you to read this manual before use.
Note that this manual covers only the electronic parts of this product. For information on the other non-electronic parts, refer to the separate Acous-
tic Guitar Owner’s Manual.
System: System70 Pickup: Original Bar Sensor (Piezo Type)
Control: Line Out Volume (Combined w/TA Switch *1), Reverb Effect
(Room/Hall), Chorus Effect.
Output Jack: Combination End Pin/Line
Out Power Switch *
2 Output Impedance: 150 Ω Power: AA bat-
tery x2 (alkaline or nickel-metal hydride) *
3 Battery Life: Approxi-
mately 10 hours using alkaline batteries (with the TA function in use).*
Accessories: Neck adjustment hex wrench x1*5, AA battery x2
1 The TA function produces effect sounds from the body of the guitar to add to the
guitar’s original sound. The system requires approximately two seconds after the TA
function is switched ON before the first effect sound is produced. *2 Connect a cable
for line output. *3 For best performance, we recommend the use of alkaline or nickel-
metal hydride batteries. When using nickel-metal hydride batteries, please follow the
instructions in the manual provided with the batteries. *4 Depending upon operating
conditions. *5 Included only with models that allow adjustment of the truss rod.
* The contents of this manual apply to the latest specifications as of the publishing
date. To obtain the latest manual, access the Yamaha website then download the
manual file.

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