Displaying Disc Information
You can display various information about the disc
loaded on-screen.
1. Press DISPLAY to show various playback
The items displayed differ depending on the disc
type or playing status.
2. You can select an item by pressing v / V and
change or select the setting by pressing b / B.
Title (Track) – Current title (or track).
number/total number of titles (or tracks).
Chapter Current chapter number/total number
of chapters.
Time – Elapsed playing time.
Audio Selected audio language or channel.
Subtitle Selected subtitle.
Angle Selected angle/total number of angles.
Sound Selected sound mode.
If no button is pressed for a few seconds, the on-
screen display disappears.
Initial Settings
By using the Setup menu, you can make various
adjustments to items such as picture and sound. You
can also set a language for the subtitles and the
Setup menu, among other things. For details on each
Setup menu item, see pages 13 to 15.
To display and exit the Menu:
Press SETUP to display the menu. A second press of
SETUP will take you back to initial screen.
To go to the next level:
Press B on the Remote Control
To go back to the previous level:
Press b on the Remote Control.
General Operation
1. Press SETUP. The Setup menu appears.
2. Use v / V to select the desired option then press
B to move to the second level. The screen shows
the current setting for the selected item, as well as
alternate setting(s).
3. Use v / V to select the second desired option then
press B to move to the third level.
4. Use v / V to select the desired setting then press
ENTER to confirm your selection. Some items
require additional steps.
5. Press SETUP or PLAY to exit the Setup menu.
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