Installation and Setup
Menu Language
Select a language for the Setup menu and on-screen
Disc Audio / Subtitle / Menu
Select the language you prefer for the audio track
(disc audio), subtitles, and the disc menu.
Original Refers to the original language in which
the disc was recorded.
Other To select another language, press number
buttons then ENTER to enter the corresponding 4-
digit number according to the language code list
on page 23. If you enter the wrong language code,
press CLEAR.
Off (for Disc Subtitle) Turn off Subtitle.
TV Aspect
4:3 Select when a standard 4:3 TV is connected.
16:9 Select when a 16:9 wide TV is connected.
Display Mode
Display Mode setting works only when the TV Aspect
mode is set to “4:3”.
Letterbox Displays a wide picture with bands on
the upper and lower portions of the screen.
Panscan Automatically displays the wide picture
on the entire screen and cuts off the portions that
do not fit.
Each DVD disc has a variety of audio output options.
Set the player’s AUDIO options according to the type
of audio system you use.
Dolby Digital / DTS / MPEG
Bitstream Select “Bitstream” if you connect this
unit’s DIGITAL OUT jack to an amplifier or other
equipment with a Dolby Digital, DTS or MPEG
PCM (for Dolby Digital / MPEG) Select when
connected to a two-channel digital stereo amplifier.
DVDs encoded in Dolby Digital or MPEG will be
automatically downmixed to two-channel PCM
Off (for DTS): If you select “Off”, the DTS signal is
not output through the DIGITAL OUT jack.
Sample Freq. (Frequency)
If your receiver or amplifier is NOT capable of
handling 96 kHz signals, select 48 kHz. When this
choice is made, this unit automatically converts any
96 kHz signals to 48 kHz so your system can decode
If your receiver or amplifier is capable of handling 96
kHz signals, select 96 kHz.
Check the documentation for your amplifier to verify
its capabilities.
Dynamic Range Control (DRC)
With the DVD format, you can hear a program’s
soundtrack in the most accurate and realistic
presentation possible. However, you may wish to
compress the dynamic range of the audio output (the
difference between the loudest sounds and the
quietest ones). This allows you to listen to a movie at
a lower volume without losing clarity of sound. Set
DRC to On for this effect.
Set to On only when a multi-channel karaoke DVD is
playing. The karaoke channels on the disc mix into
normal stereo sound.