Auto Play
You can set up the unit so a DVD disc automatically
starts playing whenever the DVD is inserted.
If Auto Play mode is set to On, this unit will search for
title that has the longest playback time and then play
back the title automatically.
The Auto Play function may not work for some DVDs.
B.L.E. (Black Level Expansion)
To select the black level of playback pictures. Set your
preference and monitor’s ability.
On: Expanded grey scale. (0 IRE cut off)
Off: Standard grey scale. (7.5 IRE cut off)
We provide you the DivX
VOD (Video On Demand)
registration code that allows you to rent and purchase
videos using the DivX
VOD service. For more
information, visit www.divx.com/vod.
1. Select “DivX(R) VOD” option then press B.
2. Press ENTER while “Select” is selected and the
registration code will appear.
Use the registration code to purchase or rent the
videos from DivX
VOD service at
www.divx.com/vod. Follow the instructions and
download the video onto a disc for playback on
this unit.
3. Press ENTER to exit.
All the downloaded videos from DivX
VOD can only
be played back on this unit.
Installation and Setup