A+MAX 15 Volts 90 Farads Capacitor Ignition booster, Car Audio Capacitor Booster, 12 Volt Car Stereo Capacitor, Super Capacitor Jump Starter with 24 inch, 4 Gauge cables(USA Patent Pending)




* ️ Exceptional Engine Cranking Power - The ultracapacitor designed to assist car battery. Booster deliver EXTRA 250 Amp engine starting power. 15 Volts / 90 Farads Pack, for all 12 volts gasoline engine vehicles. * ️ Works In Extreme Weather Conditions - Performs down to –40°F and up to +158°F (–40°C to +70°C). A+ MAX super capacitor battery jump starter operates in freezing winter or in burning summer, no need to worry your car batteries do not have the power needed to start the engine. * ️ Prolong Car Battery Life - The battery jump starter delivers ample current in s slim package, car battery work less and hence last longer lifespan. * ️ Easy Spark Free Installation - Safety switch design, keeping you from risks of spark or explosion. * ️ Light weight and compact design - Dimension 13.8 x 3.1 x 2.0 inches, Weight 3.2 lbs. Patented in Taiwan and China. USA and Japan Patent pending.


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