AIMS Power AIMS 5000 Watt 24 Volt Power Inverter




From the compact footprint to the updated features, this inverter is an excellent choice for a variety of applications. Our 5000 watt inverter has been the most popular selling inverter for nearly a decade; offering great features, reliability and excellent pricing, the AIMS 5000 watt power inverter is the right inverter the first time. The DC connections are blade style terminals, offering the flexibility to run one set of cables or multiple sets, depending on your application. Second, the AC terminal block has been repositioned to allow easier viewing of the digital display. The AC terminal block will allow for the full capacity of 5000W to be run through one single output, to run to a breaker panel, power strip, or multiple remote outlets. Features: * 5000Wmax continuous power * AC Direct Connect Terminal * AC output short circuit protectionOver Temperature LED indicator; over Load LED indicator * Single cooling fan operation thermally controlled * Pre-wired for remote on/off switch


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