Airpower America Air Power America 2005LV LiquiVac Oil Changing System for Small Engine




Size:Small Product Description Changing engine oil can be messy, time consuming and there is no good way to dispose of old oil. The LiquiVac is a new user friendly and environmentally safe oil changing system. It is fast, convenient and eliminates mess and clean-up. The LiquiVac works by creating a powerful vacuum that draws the used oil out of the engine and into a holding tank for easy disposal to a recycling center. Simply insert the extraction hose into the dipstick tube, pump the handle 20 times, release the hose clamp and LiquiVac extracts the oil directly into its plastic holding tank. Works great for lawn and garden engines, go-karts, generators, ATVs and more. USA dimensions: 15-1/2 inches length x 8-3/4 inches width x 5 inches, tank size: 3/4 gallon, suction hose length 48 inches. Your small engine's oil change has never been simpler, cleaner or faster. That’s right, no more oil spilling out all over your driveway or trying to tip your mower, snow thrower, generator, etc. over to acces...


1Application GuideN/A12019-04-16