Allsop Outdoor 6.5 in. Solar Tea White Integrated LED Handblown Glass Table Top Lantern Light




Brighten your surroundings with a Solar Tea Lantern from Allsop. Made of hand-blown glass, each Lantern is unique. Hang your lantern to create instant ambiance from a tree, your deck, arbor, archway, umbrella, tree, wreath, fence line or anywhere. Enjoy the glow night after night, year around. Each of our tabletop hand-blown glass lanterns has a steel hanging handle molded into the housing compartment along with a built-in light sensor, solar panel, a rechargeable coin cell battery and a warm-white LED light. This lantern has an ON/OFF switch and is designed to be left on, providing it's glow for up to 2 years. Once the glow fades, simply replace the battery and continue enjoying your lights. Each lantern is a handblown work of art and so the color variation inside will vary slightly from lantern to lantern.