Alpine Industries 40 Gal. Grey Stone All Weather Vented Outdoor Commercial Garbage Trash Can with Advertisement Panels




With our rugged 40-Gallon All-Weather Trash Can Receptacle with advertisement panels, you can check off both qualities and advertise while keeping your grounds well equipped. The unique advertisement panel allows businesses, such as gas stations or convenience stores, to maximize their advertisement ability or generate extra revenue by renting out the space to other companies. You or a renter can customize any sign made from weatherproof material and insert it into the trash receptacle. Its weather-resistant powder-coated steel frame and the lid will ensure its longevity while maintaining its quality. Additionally, its solid dome lid allows rain to glide off quickly and not pool, decreasing the likelihood of corrosion. The included heavy-duty plastic interior bin will securely hold trash bags without worrying about leaks. Since your terrain isn't always guaranteed to be perfectly flat, we have outfitted our trash container with adjustable legs. We understand that sometimes things happen, such as theft or v...


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