ANCEL OBD2 Scanner SAS SRS(Airbag) Code Reader Automotive OBD II ABS Reset Diagnostic Scan Tool for Check Engine Car Scanner




* [ABS/SRS Bleeding Scan Tool]ANCEL AD610 Plus is an advanced obd2 code reader which includes bi-directional diagnostic special tests on anti-lock brake systems(ABS) and airbags(SRS) besides turning off MILs. The diagnostic scanner has an access to active or control ABS/Airbag system and components temporarily, performing air bleeding from the internal brake fluid chambers after brakes maintainance or ABS/Airbag system testing for proper operation manually * [SAS Calibration]The OBD scan tool with 240*320 TFT color display could let the steering angle sensor (SAS) calibrated, clean fault memory ,and engine light when the ESC light comes on. Versatile and powerful enough to deliver SAS calibration on more than 35 vehicle makes * [Full OBDII Functions]AD610 Plus engine code reader is capable of turning off check engine light (MIL), reading and erasing fault codes, Code Looking up, graphing data stream, O2 sensor test, EVAP system test, I/M readiness, on-board monitoring test, and retrieves VIN. Graphing is a...


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