Arctic Ice Tundra 1.5 lbs., 2.5 lbs. and 5 lbs. Freezer Packs




Preserve an arctic refuge in your cooler with this bundle from Arctic Ice. It includes 3 Tundra Series Freezer Packs (1.5 lbs., 2.5 lbs. and 5 lbs.) Camping, boating, hunting or fishing, the Artic Ice Tundra Series Freezer Packs can keep your food and drinks either cold or frozen throughout your outing. The Tundra Series has a very unique freezing point of 5F and is designed to help maintain a consistent freezer temperature in coolers. While not as cold as dry ice, Tundra Series can be used as a suitable replacement. Due to its low freezing point, Tundra Series packs can take from 18-hours to 36-hours to freeze, depending on the temperature of freezer and number of panels being frozen. To ensure they are frozen, the freezer should be turned to its lowest setting or at least 0°F.