Ariston Electric storage water heater

Andris Lux EU 15/5



(This text is machine translated) Ariston performance at the top of the category in a compact solution. The carefully selected materials are the secret of the durability of the Andris models.


1Energy LabelN/A12022-09-21
2Product SheetN/A22022-09-21
3Energy LabelN/A12022-09-21
4Product SheetN/A22022-09-21
5Energy LabelN/A12022-09-21
6Product SheetN/A22022-09-21
7Energy LabelN/A12022-09-21
8Product SheetN/A22022-09-21
9Data SheetIT12022-09-21
10Energy LabelN/A12022-09-21
11Installation and UseBG,CS,DE,EL,EN,ES,ET,FR,HR,HU,IT,LT,LV,NL,PL,PT,RO,RU,SK,UK2082022-09-21
12Product SheetN/A22022-09-21