Ariston solar accumulators

ARB 80-100-150-200 ARB 100 EU



(This text is machine translated) Durability, simplicity and flexibility are its main characteristics, it has been designed to guarantee maximum comfort. The boiler has a titanium enamel treatment that is characterized by its maximum versatility, being able to be installed vertically on the wall or floor as well as horizontally on the wall and in combination with a heating-only boiler.


1ARB 150 EL 3070588N/A12022-09-20
2ARB 200 EL 3070589N/A12022-09-20
3ARB 80 EL 3070511N/A12022-09-20
4ARB 80 EL 3070512N/A12022-09-20
5Data SheetES12022-09-20
6Energy SheetCA22022-09-20
7Installation and MaintenanceDE,EN,ES,FR,IT,PL,PT,VI532022-09-20