Ariston Combi Gas Boiler

Clas ONE 30



The Clas ONE gas condensing boiler boasts Ariston’s patented XtraTech™ stainless steel heat exchanger for better heating and better reliability. Its 1:7 modulation ratio means it can adapt to provide the desired heating and hot water, while simultaneously keeping fuel bills low. The Clas ONE is easy to operate through its back-lit display and is compatible with Ariston controls for use with the Ariston Net app and comes with an 8 year warranty as standard.


1Data SheetEN,ES22022-09-25
2Energy LabelN/A12022-09-22
3Product SheetCA,EN,RO42022-09-21
4Data SheetEN,ES22022-09-25
5Energy LabelN/A12022-09-22
6Product SheetCA,EN,RO42022-09-21
8CE CLAS ONEN/A42022-09-25
9Clas ONE DatasheetEN22022-09-19
10Clas ONE Installation ManualEN802022-09-19
11Clas ONE User ManualEN122022-09-19
12Connectivity GuideRO12022-09-22
13Data SheetEN,ES22022-09-25
14Data SheetIT22022-09-21
15Data SheetRO22022-09-22
16DDC CLAS ONEN/A22022-09-25
17Energy LabelN/A32022-09-21
18Energy Label UK Clas ONE 24N/A12022-09-19
19Energy Label UK Clas ONE 30N/A12022-09-19
20Energy Label UK Clas ONE 38N/A12022-09-19
21Eticheta Clas One 30N/A12022-09-22
22Heating Brochure 2021EN302022-09-19
23Installation ManualEN,IT402022-09-21
24Installation ManualEN,ES,PT582022-09-25
25Installation ManualEL,EN442022-09-25
26KIWA UK Clas ONEN/A12022-09-19
27ONE Series Boiler Range OverviewEN12022-09-19
28Product Fiche Clas ONE 24CA,EN,RO42022-09-19
29Product Fiche Clas ONE 30CA,EN,RO42022-09-19
30Product Fiche Clas ONE 38CA,EN,RO42022-09-19
31Product SheetCA,EN,RO42022-09-21
32SP CLAS ONE 24CA,EN,RO42022-09-25
33Spec SheetRO12022-09-22
34Supplementary DocumentN/A12022-09-21
35Supplementary DocumentDE,EN42022-09-21
36Supplementary DocumentIT52022-09-21
37Use and MaintenanceRO402022-09-22
38User ManualEN,IT122022-09-21
39User ManualEN,ES,PT162022-09-25
40User ManualEL,EN122022-09-25
41User ManualRO122022-09-22