Ariston Condensation boilers

Clas one 30FF



(This text is machine translated) CLAS ONE is ARISTON's new condensing boiler with Per4mance System. It is the best option if you are thinking of changing boilers, as it adapts to any type of installation. With the CLAS ONE condensing boiler, enjoy maximum comfort in heating and hot water in your home.


1Energy Efficiency SheetCA,EN,RO42022-09-22
2Energy LabelN/A12022-09-22
3Energy Efficiency SheetCA,EN,RO42022-09-22
4Energy LabelN/A12022-09-22
5Data SheetEN,VI22022-09-22
6Energy Efficiency SheetCA,EN,RO42022-09-22
7Energy LabelN/A12022-09-22
8Installation ManualEN,ES,PT602022-09-22
9Technical DrawingN/A12022-09-22
10User ManualEN,ES,PT162022-09-22