Ariston Solar thermal

Kairos Thermo HF 150-1 TR



(This text is machine translated) Natural circulation solar thermal kit capable of ensuring maximum readiness in heating domestic water even in situations of reduced solar radiation. Thanks to the glass tested against hail, the anodic protection of the boiler against corrosion and the 5-year warranty, the KAIROS THERMO system represents a safe and profitable investment over time. It is available in versions for ground installation and pitched roof. It is available in three capacities: 150, 200 liters (1 collector) and 300 liters (2 collectors).


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5KAIROS THERMO HF 150 1 GPS 8502 (30 10 2020)ES22022-09-25
6KAIROS THERMO HF 200 1 GPS 8500 (30 10 2020)ES22022-09-25
7KAIROS THERMO HF 300 2 GPS 8491 (30 10 2020)ES22022-09-25
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