Ariston electric water heater

LYDOS ECO 50-80-100 LYDOS ECO 50



(This text is machine translated) The electric water heater with a completely new structure, with more hot water and with an efficiency that reaches the highest energy class in the category. A new experience in hot water.


1Energy LabelN/A12022-09-20
2Energy LabelN/A12022-09-20
3Energy LabelN/A32022-09-20
4Energy LabelN/A32022-09-20
5CE Lydos EcoEN32022-09-20
6Energy LabelN/A12022-09-20
7Ficha Lydos ECON/A12022-09-20
8Installation ManualAR,BG,CA,CS,DE,EN,ES,ET,FA,FR,HR,HU,IT,LT,LV,NL,PL,PT,RO,RU,SK,SL,UK1962022-09-20