Ariston Instant gas water heater

Next outdoor EU 16



(This text is machine translated) The new instantaneous gas water heater for outdoor use characterized by an exclusive design, reduced dimensions (only 13 cm deep) and new features. Next Outdoor EU is the most efficient water heater in its category and can also be integrated with a solar thermal system. The product is equipped with a simple and intuitive remote control that further facilitates its use and enriches its design. It is available in two capacities: 20 and 24 liters.


1Energy LabelN/A12022-09-21
2Energy LabelN/A12022-09-21
3Energy LabelN/A12022-09-21
4Data SheetIT12022-09-21
5Energy LabelN/A12022-09-21
6Installation and UseIT282022-09-21