Astella Ruskin Blue Square Accent Lounge Throw Pillow




You have set up your dream space to rest and relax in now all that remains is to add a sumptuous Ruskin Accent Lounge Pillow from our engrossing collection of indoor/outdoor Pacifica pillows, by Astella. At 24 in. by 24 in. in size, our Accent Lounge Pillow is more substantial and immersive with 20% additional fiber fill to help it rebound well after you've used it. Our imaginative Ruskin pattern infuses a modern and abstract geometric element to your space that is compellingly rhythmic and eccentric but organized and inviting with its astute color selection. This Pacifica pillow is protected by powerful Scotchgard protector which helps repel liquids and block stains so you can wipe the surface clean before the mess sinks in. What's more, our pillow skins are made with solution-dyed fabrics that hold their color and feel against punishing exposure to the suns rays and are woven with a remarkable jacquard construction that gives you unparalleled soft and cozy hand feel. Lastly, the pillow skin zips open so...