Autel MaxiSys MS919 Automotive Diagnostic Tool, Advanced Intelligent Diagnostics for Diagnostic Technician, 5-in-1 VCMI, TSB, Repair Assist/Tips, Module Topology, Bi-Directional Control(US IP ONLY)




* Intelligent Diagnostics, Repair Efficiency by 70%+: With most advanced intelligent diagnostics, MaxisyS MS919 brings your repair to a whole new level! It offers dynamic Topology Module Mapping, Repair Assist to provide guided procedures with code prioritization, DTC analysis & fault code solutions, Relevant Cases for DTC troubleshooting, direct access to code-related manufacturer’s Technical Service Bulletins. NOTE: Intelligent diagnostics are for supported vehicles only. * TSB SEARCH & MODULE TOPOLOGY: TSB function can directly consult related help information from various vehicle manufacturers, eliminating unnecessary maintenance procedures for maintenance technicians. The topology diagram shows the communication structure between the ECU modules of the vehicle, and the faults of each module can be viewed at a glance, the crux of the vehicle can be judged more intuitively. NOTE: Please send VIN to us to check compatibility before order. * Advanced 5-In-1 VCMI, 2021 New Release: The new MaxiFlash VCMI f...


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