Axler Caterpillar 20" Extending Camera Slider




The 20" Axler Caterpillar is a compact camera slider that extends to 30" of sliding length when mounted on a tripod or stand. The Caterpillar is a belt-driven slider offering smooth movement for up to 13 lb loads. In addition to its adjustability in a mobile form factor, the Caterpillar is also designed with a few exceptional features that will provide for increased efficiency and convenience. One of the outstanding features is a flip-brake that allows you to lock the sliding carriage into a fixed position in an instant. Also, instead of an integrated mounting screw on the sliding carriage, the Caterpillar features a small, pullout quick-release plate with a 1/4"-20 screw and 3/8"-16 bushing. This plate can be attached to cameras or video heads and then inserted into a slot on the carriage, and then it is quickly secured by tightening knobs on the sides of the carriage. The knobs can also be removed and replaced by included set screws to make room for larger tripod heads or cameras. When used surface-mount...


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